Question: How do I back up my QuickBooks data to a CD-ROM using the Windows XP direct CD writing feature?

Possible Cause: Windows XP has an integrated CD burning feature that allows you to write directly to a CD-ROM without using other software.

Answer: To backup your data to a CD-ROM in Windows XP, use the following steps:

  1. From the QuickBooks File menu, choose Back Up.
  2. Click Change.
  3. From the Save In drop-down list, choose your CD-ROM drive (a disc does not need to be in the drive at this time). Click Save.
  4. Windows XP will change the directory to:

    C:/Documents and Settings/[your login]/Local Settings/Application Data/Microsoft/CD Burning
  5. Click Backup in the Backup Company File window.
  6. QuickBooks will make a backup to the temporary directory mentioned in Step 4.
  7. Open the CD-ROM drive:
    1. Double-click the My Computer icon on the desktop, or click the Windows XP Start button, and choose My Computer.
    2. Double-click the CD-ROM drive.
  8. In the CD-ROM drive window there will be a list of files to be burned, under the heading Files Ready To Be Written to the CD.

    Note: All files in the list will be written to the CD-ROM. If you do not want certain files written to the disc, they should be removed before proceeding.
  9. Insert a disc in the CD-ROM drive. From the File menu of the CD-ROM drive window, choose Write these files to CD.
  10. A wizard will appear asking for the name of the disc. Enter a name, then click Next to begin the writing process.
  11. When the file is complete on the disc, Windows XP will delete the QuickBooks backup from the temporary directory.

    Note: Windows integrated CD burning support can write Joliet format data, which is a formatting specification that supports both long file names and those that use the Unicode character set. Windows does not "close" Joliet-format data CDs, even if they are full. Some older drives cannot read CDs that have not been closed, and will not even "see" the CD.






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