Backup your critical files automatically everyday via the Internet. Provides safe off-site backups for your business!

How it works

SBCS-Backup is built on TLM platform. This platform uses patented technologies and industry-standards to ensure that all data is captured, protected, and sent to the Data Centers in the most efficient and secure manner possible.

Your data is encrypted prior to transmission using triple-DES encryption. Your data remains encrypted at the Data Center and is only accessible with a username and password, preventing any unauthorized intrusion.

Data is compressed before leaving the PC and is stored compressed at a TLM Data Center. Data compression minimizes the amount of data that needs to be sent to the TLM Data Center, thereby increasing the speed of backup even over a dial-up connection.


Multiple, mirrored data centers provide 24-hour access to your data and protection from catastrophic events. Our geographically separated data centers help make SBCS-Backup an integral part of your company's disaster recovery plan.

Important Billing Information:

If we do not receive your credit card info within 5 days of the end of your free trial, your backup service will be halted and previously backed up data may not be available.


Backup Plan




Personal Backup
Backup Laptops and Personal Computers

250 MB


PC Backup
Personal Computer Backup System for Smaller Data Needs

4 GB


Small-Business Backup
Small Business Data Backups for Critical Data on Stand-alone Personal Computers

10 GB


Network Backup 30
Network Backup of Critical Data on Local or "Mapped" Drives
Up to 30 GB's of data

30 GB


Network Backup 50
Network Backup of Critical Data on Local or "Mapped" Drives
Up to 50 GB's of data

50 GB



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